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JetPower 02/2023 (englisch) Download

JetPower 02/2023 (englisch) Download
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CONTENT 02/2023   Runway Scene whispers and News   Model flying... mehr
Produktinformationen "JetPower 02/2023 (englisch) Download"

CONTENT 02/2023

Scene whispers and News
Model flying within the MFSD / DAeC
The rules and regulations of the MFSD / DAeC from the point of view by an organiser
The International Jet Model Committee informs
Frank-Turbine FT 250
Field report after 20 hours of running time in the MB-339
Dassault Rafale
The French Tiger by FMS
Pacific Coast Air Museum 
Wings over wine county
Airliner meeting 
Airline jets in Oppingen
Model flying with handicapp
Where there's a will, there's a way.
U-2R / TR-1A 
The Dragon Lady by Lockheed
PowerBox Mercury SR II
Smaller, stronger, better
F-14 Tomcat
The cat from the 3D printer
The new servo by PowerBox Systems
DH-113 Venom
EDF classic for over a decade


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